Tuesday, May 1, 2007

MOAM-CD update

Last night, I set up an initrd filesystem. However, when I tested it, the kernel did not see it; it acted like the initrd was not there and tried mounting the normal root filesystem. This morning I found out the reason: initrd systems need to have a 1024 byte block size with their filsystem. Minix, I presume, doesn't have this. I used a minix filesystem to save space; however it looks like I will have to have the bloat of an ext2 filesystem in order to have the 1024 byte blocks the kernel wants for the initrd. I was recompiling the kernel to have built-in ext2 support this morning the the kernel just infished compiling before I had to run out the door to teach English.

I still have two MaraDNS issues to look at.

- Sam