Monday, May 28, 2007

MOAM-CD update

    I am in the process of moving MOAM-CD from using CentOS 3 as a base system (The X server is too old to support modern video cards) to using DeLi Linux. My goal is to have a tarball that is 100% self-contained. Extract the tarball on a full install of DeLi 0.7.2 with Firefox, run "make", and you will get a Live CD iso image the size of a business card CD (50 megs) about an hour later.

    I'm not there yet, but I have made the following improvments this weekend:
    • Busybox 1.5.0 now compiles in DeLi Linux 0.7.2.
    • Freecell (Ace of Penguins) now has difficulty levels.
    • Xsetup updated for Xorg 7.X
    • Firefox now runs in the live CD envronment (This took hours of troubleshooting).

    Anyway, here is a snapshot:

    - Sam