Monday, May 14, 2007

MaraDNS update

I have a new release of MaraDNS that fixes the following two bugs posted on the MaraDNS mailing list last week:
  • MaraDNS did not completely follow RFC 1034 section 4.3.3 with wildcards. Fixed; but bind_star_handling now needs a value of 2 to follow the RFC to the T
  • Queries for a host in a csv2_default_zonefile incorrectly returned a NXDOMAIN when one asked for an RR type not in the default zonefile
The release can be downloaded here

Looks like MOAM-CD doesn't work with USB mice. Since I don't have a USB mouse to test this on, all I can do is add support for USB mice as documented in However, looks like the documentation is, as typical of Linux kernel documentation, incomplete, and I can't figure out the secret incantation to get mice to actually work. Here is what I do:

rm /dev/mouse
mknod /dev/mouse c 13 63
mount -t usbdevfs none /proc/bus/usb

I will have to do some troubleshooting next time I deal with a computer with a USB mouse. They're actually pretty rare here in Mexico; just like DVD-ROM drives, the technology is only very slowly catching on.