Thursday, May 31, 2007

Moam-CD update; A new font

    Well, I have updated Ace of Penguins to use the first 32,768 hands for the difficulty levels. Since hands that need four freecells to solve are fairly rare, I have updated the program to have only three difficulty levels; "Hard" is now all of the hands that need three or four freecells to solve. The hands that fc-solve could not solve are now black-listed, and will not be dealt to the user.

    I am also working on a screen font that is easy on the eyes. Here is a sample of the screen font:

    The name of this font is "Sandals", and it is strictly a screen font.

    I am mostly done with the 16pt version of this font; I will then make a 14, 12, 10, and 8 version of the font in the roman typeface. Then I will make bold and italic typefaces.

    Anway, Sandals can be downloaded here (Post-May-2007 Fontforge source). Today's snapshot of Moam CD is available at (10 megabyte file).

    - Sam