Monday, May 21, 2007

Cosmic ray bugs

I have, in the last month or two, have had three "cosmic ray" bugs reported to me. These are bugs reported by different users (each person being the only one to report the bug in question) that I have been unable to reproduce. The bugs are:

  • Someone saw records that should not rotate get rotated in the 1.0 branch of MaraDNS. I detail this bug here
  • Someone else saw that MaraDNS would not always return all of the NS records for a given request, even though it appears their request does not go past the 512-bite limit.
  • And finally, we have this bug report sent to the list.

I have already responded to all three people, and have had to report their bugs as "Unreproducable". However, I'm not 100% comfortable closing a bug that someone has reported to me as really happening.

The first two reports involve code in udpsuccess(). That code is a little messy. I may have to rewrite it for the 1.3 release, which I want to release on June 21.

MaraDNS 1.3.05 has been done. The webpage currently has minor technical difficulties, but people can look at MaraDNS 1.3.05 on Sean's server.