Wednesday, May 23, 2007 up again; DeLi Linux is nice

I'm letting everyone know that is up again. Some things are still broken; I won't be able to upload files (notably MaraDNS 1.3.05) until tomorrow and the link with my email address is broken. However, people can now download 1.0.40 and from the web server, and and 1.3.05 from Sean's server (see the last blog entry for hotlinks).

I installed DeLi Linux last night. I like this distribution a lot; it's a full Linux system complete with X built on top of uClibc. I was working on something myself, but it's nice to see someone already did all of the hard work for me. One annoyance is that Busybox 1.5.0 didn't compile. I have fixed this and have a fixed Busybox on Sean's server.