Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MaraDNS.org down; RedHat liberation fonts

MaraDNS.org is currently down. We are aware of the problem and we should have the site up again in a day or two. It looks like we will be able to get most of the site back, but no guarantees. In the worse case, I will just restore the website based on files in the and 1.3.05 MaraDNS tarballs.

In the meantime, people can download MaraDNS at sourceforge and MaraDNS 1.3.05 on Sean's server. Should Sourceforge not work, you can also download MaraDNS on Sean's server. MaraDNS 1.0.40 is currently not available online; I will upload MaraDNS 1.0.40 to Sean's server tomorrow.

I just discovered that RedHat has, earlier this month, made some more open source fonts available. These fonts, which are work-alikes (but not look-alikes) for Microsoft Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New, are available on RedHat's site. It's good to see some more open source fonts released.

This font is ideally licensed. In particular, while the font is GPL, there is a special "pdf exception" which allows you to make pdf files with these fonts without having to worry about whether doing so forces the pdf file to be licensed under the GPL.

This is a better license than Bitstream Vera's license because it allows people to make pdf files without needing to include the entire license in the .pdf file. Actually Vera's license is even worse--not only do you need to include the license in the .pdf file with the Vera font, but you also need to engage in technical measures to make the license part of the font in the .pdf file.

Update: A while ago, I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 6.06 LTS on my laptop. Tonight, I will delete Ubuntu and replace it with a distribution called DeLi Linux (Wikipedia entry). Why? Because Ubuntu has two problems that make it not practical for my laptop:
  • It takes about five minutes to boot
  • There is a kernel bug that causes the entire system to freeze for about 1/10 of a second every three or four seconds
I also feel DeLi linux will work as a better system for the long term; it's good to see a Linux distribution that cares about running well on older computers, such as my PIII/450 with 460 megs of memory.