Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Non-critical memory leak plugged

I have plugged a non-critical memory leak in MaraDNS

I introduced this memleak in This memleak will only be manifested if bind_star_handling has a value of 2. Since this is a feature that isn't even documented in, this memory leak is not critical enough for me to make a new release before the scheduled release of MaraDNS on August 17, 2007.

Basically, if you need anally 100% RFC1034 section 4.3.3 compliance with star records, before setting bind_star_handling to two apply this patch:


1.3.05 also has this memory leak; the above patch *should* apply cleanly to the 1.3 branch of MaraDNS.

- Sam

P.S. While 1.0.40 is available on on the official MaraDNS download page, it is also available on Sean's server.