Friday, February 20, 2009

Deadwood 2.04 released; MaraDNS snapshot update; Chortle font update

I have released Deadwood 2.04 today. This incorporates a number of improvments since the Deadwood 2.03 release from a month ago:
  • The "Google problem" has been fixed; when there is a chain of CNAME answers leading to an A answer, Deadwood uses the TTL for the CNAME or A answer with the lowest TTL to determine how long to cache the DNS reply
  • Cache size is now determined from one's dwood2rc preferences, not from the file storing the cache.
  • Logging revamped; raw printf statements mostly removed and verbose_level support added.
  • DwTcp now has basic TCP buffering and works.
  • Warnings when compiling in Ubuntu 8.10 with -Wall enabled removed
It can be downloaded by clicking on this link
William Summers provided me with a patch to compile MaraDNS under OpenBSD last week; I finally integrated this patch in to the "HEAD branch" of MaraDNS and it can be seen in a snapshot I uploaded yesterday.

Milan Kupcevic has posted a patch to implement reading the dns_port variable in the zoneserver program, which I will look at next week sometime.
Well, never say never.

I am starting work on the Chortle font again. Basically, in Cleartype, the "p" looks a little weird in the Chortle font. I have added autohinted information to just the "p" letter and the font looks nicer when rendered with Microsoft ClearType at small sizes. Unfortunately, autohinting all of the letters makes the X-height inconsistent, so I might, one of these days, manually fix the hinting so Chortle looks nicer at small sizes on Linux systems (the hinting isn't as important when one is using ClearType).

My work here can be seen by clicking on this link