Monday, February 9, 2009

MaraDNS webpage update

I got a report that download links on the MaraDNS web page did not work after Saturday's web page update; I have fixed this issue and people should be able to download MaraDNS from the web page again.

I will make sure the 1.3.13 package doesn't have this issue with its internal copy of the webpage which I sometimes update to the server.

Another report is that the Windows port of MaraDNS only parses the first 1024 bytes of a mararc file. This is an issue I will only resolve if someone is willing to sponsor me working on this; I'm moving away from MaraDNS and towards using Deadwood as a recursive resolver and currently not actively working on MaraDNS, unless there is a security bug, or someone is willing to sponsor their feature request or bugfix.

Right now, I have two geek projects that I am at various stages of resolving:
  • Getting a multiregion DVD player for Linux. The issue is that my girl has a mix of Region 1 (US) and Region 4 (Latin America) DVDs, and we're having issues with only being able to play Region 4 DVDs. I've downloaded a bunch of packages, but still haven't been able to figure out a way of doing this directly (just insert the DVD and go) or indirectly (convert the DVD in to a .mp4 file or what not).

  • There are some lingering issues with the CentOS guest operating system. There was an issue with an attached USB mouse moving far too quickly; the workaround is xset m 1/2.

    Another issue is that the font used for the menubar in Firefox is small and unpleasant to look at; fixing this with gnome-font-properties is not possible because gnome-settings-daemon won't start. I deleted everything gnome-related from the VMware image and the current workaround is to use Firefox as little as possible in the CentOS guest, but instead use it on the host (Ubuntu) or in one of the Windows guests.

    I'm slowly downloading a CentOS 5.2 32-bit DVD, and will probably try reinstalling CentOS 5.2 as a guest OS myself later on this week; homefully the open VMware tools are mature enough to allow me to resize the X window and cut-and-paste between the guest and the host.