Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Deadwood snapshot update

I have updated the Deadwood snapshot today:
  • DwMain man page updated to fully document handle_noreply parameter
  • bind_address test fixed
  • Tests added for cache_file, chroot_dir, handle_noreply, and ipv4_bind_addresses
It can be downloaded at this location.

I have slightly revised the design of the blog; the column with blog text is a little wider. The blog is just narrow enough to look nice in what I consider the "lowest common denominator": Internet Explorer 6 with an 800x600 display. The blog also looks OK in Dillo just in case you are still using a Gateway Handbook 486-25 (but consider getting a Dell Mini 9 netbook; they're cheap, just as small, have more resolution, and are a good deal faster).