Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Deadwood and MaraDNS updates; yet another Ubuntu rant

I have added a single test to Deadwood today: a test for the parameter bind_address. I now only have 16 more dwood2rc parameters to make tests for. This work can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

I have also integrated Milan Kupcevic's patch to add dns_port to zoneserver; the latest snapshot with this patch applied can be downloaded at this link.
Ubuntu does it again! Yet another Ubuntu bug, what a surprise.

I don't think I've mentioned on this blog that Ubuntu's build of Abiword crashes when I go to insert -> symbol. Do the folks at Ubuntu do any testing at all? Or do they just foist a beta on unsuspecting users as the latest and greatest release of Ubuntu?

Another issue: Ubuntu's auto-mounter (a.k.a. hal) is really unstable. It either can't mount a perfectly good CD (Ubuntu is a little annoyed with CDs; this isn't a problem when booting from a CD in the BIOS in Windows, but it takes a couple of minutes to mount a CD in Ubuntu for whatever reason), or won't properly umount the CD/DVD when I eject it. Again, do they test anything with Ubuntu?

I'm through with Ubuntu. Next time I install an OS, I'm going to install CentOS or Fedora Core. CentOS 5.3 should come out in a couple of weeks; I'm going to make that my main OS and ditch Ubuntu. Ubuntu is nothing but a headache that makes me want to run to the Linux hater's blog.