Saturday, February 21, 2009

MaraDNS snapshot update; Deadwood/MaraDNS todo

I have made a new snapshot release of MaraDNS that updates Deadwood (with files also in the maradns/ tree removed) to Deadwood-2.04.

This is my TODO list for MaraDNS and Deadwood:
  • Look over the SQA regression tests Deadwood comes with; I need to overhaul these tests and make sure they're still relevant and can be used to help test Deadwood.
  • Look at Milan Kupcevic's patch that adds dns_port support to zoneserver
  • Update deadwood-1 (in MaraDNS) to use deadwood-2's buffering in DwTcp

I'm now only using the Chortle font in Windows (and when editing documents in AbiWord); Linux's autohinting when a font has no hints is a lot more primitive than Microsoft ClearType so I'm using Verdana and Bitstream Vera for most everything in Linux.

One of these days I might release a Chortle 2.04 with a "ClearType" version where only "p" is autohinted. I wish I knew more about Truetype hinting, since I would like to be able to set up Chortle's hinting so the X-height is a little bigger at small point sizes. To be honest, I really don't have the time to learn to become enough of a font designer to make Chortle a general-purpose screen and printing font.