Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blue Ray: Prices dropping like a rock

The prices for both blue ray burners and blank blue-ray media is both dropping like a rock. A couple of years ago, a blue ray burner set you back about $500 and a blank disk (25 GB) was at least $10. Doing some research today, blue ray burners are under $200 and blank disks are between $3-$5 each, depending on which brand you get.

Dual layer blue ray discs (50GB) are still well over $20 each. Speaking of dual-layer, it looks like dual-layer DVD blanks are slowly dropping in price; a dual-layer DVD blank is between 80 cents to $1.25 in price. I've seen generic single layer DVDs for as little as 15 cents a blank; the price is usually somewhere between 20 or 30 cents a blank when bought in spindles of 50 or 100.

CDR blanks are between 15 and 20 cents a blank; single layer DVD blanks is the cheapest price per byte to store data, but dual layer is quickly catching up and Blue Ray should be the way to go in a couple of years.

I'm really glad Blue Ray won myself; I can't think what advantages HD-DVD had. It's big disadvantage was less capacity; an HD-DVD blank could only fit 15 GB of data, but a blue ray fits 25 GB of data.