Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some changes I will make to Deadwood's parser

One feature people have wanted for a while is the ability to include other files in MaraRC files. I will add this feature to Deadwood's parser. The syntax will be Python-compatible:
Speaking of Python-compatible syntax, here is the correct way to handle upstream servers:
upstream_servers = {}
upstream_servers["."] = ","
Unfortunately, the first line results in a syntax error in Deadwood. So, I now have the following "to do":
  • Make the above syntax not cause an error in Deadwood, including Deadwood 2.3 (I won't fix Deadwood 2.1)
  • Mandate the above syntax in the development snapshots of Deadwood
  • Add documentation pointing out this line is now needed
  • Start work on a Deadwood 2.3 upgrade guide, including a note that the above will now be needed