Saturday, May 9, 2009

More on TextMaker

Now that I'm starting to use TextMaker as my main word processor, I am getting a sense of how to use it.

First of all, the UI is not always intuitive for people used to using Word. I've been using Word 2003 for a while, and there are a number of differences.

For example, when I open a new document in Word 2003 while editing another document, the Document opens as a new window. In TextMaker, the first document I'm working on is hidden and there is no indication the document is even open.

There are two ways I can see other documents open in TextMaker:
  • I go to the "no longer maximize" button that is part of Textmaker in the upper right hand corner underneath Windows' own "hide"/"maximize"/"close" buttons. At this point, I can see all open documents, but they are sub-windows of TextMaker's own windows and not stand-alone windows.
  • Another way to see other documents open at the same time is to go to the "window" pull-down menu at the top.
There are other things different about TextMaker's UI; to find out how many words a document has, I have to go to file -> properties and choose "statistics", instead of Tools -> Count Words.

As mentioned before, inline spell checking (red lines under misspelled words) is not enabled by default.

TextMaker doesn't have macro record capabilities the way Word 2003 does. One workaround is to download and use AutoHotKey.

It helped a lot to download the TextMaker manual and use it as a reference when editing documents.

The correct way to install foreign-language dictionaries in TextMaker is to download the dictionary add-on package for SoftMaker 2006, which, annoyingly enough, not listed on TextMaker's free download page.

SoftMaker has a forum to get technical support for their programs; there is a forum for TextMaker 2006 Windows.