Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Deadwood 2.4.02 released

OK, Deadwood 2.4.02 has passed all CentOS Linux 5 regressions (I had to increase the timeout in the sqa_tcp test; all other tests were OK), and has been compiled and runs in Windows. That in mind, I have just released Deadwood 2.4.02.

This is a testing release of MaraDNS; testing releases have been internally tested, appear to work, but the emphasis is on adding new features, not fixing bugs while otherwise leaving the codebase unchanged.

The stable branch of Deadwood is Deadwood 2.3; Deadwood 2.4 is where the lion's share of development is happening. Compared to Deadwood 2.4.01, the following features have been added:
  • upstream_servers can now let one have different servers process subtrees of the DNS space (such as having one's internal DNS server handle names ending in ".local")
  • DNS-over-TCP is now, by default, disabled, and needs to be enabled with tcp_listen = 1 if desired
  • The Windows build of Deadwood can now run without being a service (mainly for my own debugging)
It can be downloaded at maradns.org/deadwood/testing.