Sunday, May 10, 2009

Deadwood 2.4.01 released

I have released Deadwood 2.4.01 today. This release is a complete revamp of Deadwood's DNS-over-TCP handling; instead of having a separate daemon/service handle DNS-over-TCP, the same daemon listens on both UDP and TCP, and only sends TCP queries upstream if upstream gives us a "truncated" reply and downstream is using TCP to get the DNS data.

Note that these oversized DNS packets that need TCP are not cached.

In addition, I have added full buffering to the DNS-over-TCP code and a number of tests that test this code.

For the record, now that I have made this release, I am changing the snapshot naming scheme. Instead of using deadwood-Q-YYYYMMDD-N.tar.bz2 (Q: The letter Q; Y: Year; M: Month; D: Day; N: Release number for the day), I will use two different schemes: deadwood-S-YYYYMMDD-N.tar.bz2 for snapshots of updates to the stable (2.3) code, and deadwood-H-YYYYMMDD-N.tar.bz2 for snapshots of updated to the testing (2.4) code.

Next: Backport the TCP buffering tests and add full TCP buffering (partial send support) to the 2.3 branch of Deadwood.

Deadwood 2.4.01 can be downloaded, either as source code or as a Windows binary at