Thursday, February 18, 2010

Civilization V announced

Fans of turn-based strategy games will be very pleased to hear that Civilization V has been announced.

Its most significant new feature will be using a hex grid. This is an interesting divergence from a square grid but reduces the error in land movement from 40% to only 15% or so. I recently discussed this on C-evo’s forum. There are three different ways Civilization clones have grids:
  • A square grid, with diagonal movement costing as much as horizontal or vertical movement. Most Civilization games do things this way.
  • A hexagonal grid, with movement in the six directions having the same cost. FreeCiv has had support for this for many years. East-west movement is 15% slower than north-south movement (or vice versa)
  • A square grid where diagonal moves cost more than horizontal and vertical moves. C-evo does this: A diagonal move costs 1.5 as much as a horizontal or vertical move. No, any fractional move left over at the end of a turn does not roll over for one’s next turn.
Update: There is an official website at