Thursday, February 4, 2010

People's Tactics was written in Visual Basic

Looking at how People’s Tactics handles errors (by popping up a windows saying something like “Run time error ‘11’: Division by zero”), and seeing how slowly the program runs, I looked more closely at the code. Looking at the PeoplesTactics.exe binary, I discovered this string near the top: MSVBVM60.DLL. Yep, People’s Tactics was written in Visual Basic, which explains why the AI is so slow when trying to make its move.

The newer Advanced Tactics is written with a .NET language, probably VB.NET (since People’s Tactics was written in Visual Basic, I find it quite unlikely Vic decided to use C# instead for Advanced Tactics).

Also, yesterday’s hack to allow another set of rules to be used with People’s Tactics random maps results in crashes when trying to play with Civil War units. I’m not sure if other rules (such as WWI units) will also cause problems; my testing of a hacked form of the Banana Republic units for a random game, however, shows no problems.