Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Deadwood snapshot

In today’s snapshot of Deadwood, I have added (but not tested) a function called dwx_get_1_dns_rr(): Given a dw_str object (dw_str: Deadwood string), and a offset where we start looking in that string where a DNS packet starts, we get a single DNS rr from the DNS packet.

This will be used as part of the code which, when given a DNS packet received from the remote server, returns a DNS packet which will be stored in Deadwood’s cache, either as a complete or incomplete DNS reply.

In addition, once recursion is complete enough for me to make releases, I will make them first as 2.6 releases, then as 2.9 (3.0 release candidate) releases, and finally as 3.0 releases. 2.5 I will keep around; having dnswall functionality, not to mention a source code release complete with TCC to compile Deadwood quickly and easily in Windows, is useful enough to have a stable branch with these features added.

It can be downloaded here: