Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deadwood 2.9.07 released: Faster resolution, better security

I have released Deadwood 2.9.07 today. Compared to Deadwood 2.9.06, this release offers:
  • Faster resolution speeds. I have fixed two significant bugs which measurably slowed down Deadwood’s resolution performance; now Deadwood has, on my home internet connection, performance better than Unbound (it took Deadwood 2.9.07 159 seconds to resolve a list of names; Unbound 1.4.6 needed 169 seconds to resolve this list).
  • Better security. The underlying hash compression function uses a “secret” number in its core that is usually only changed whenever a new Deadwood release is made. I have updated this code to now have another “secret” number that is changed every time Deadwood is started.
  • Spam zombie protection. For over a year, there was a bug in Deadwood that broke MX records. Not only have I fixed this bug in Deadwood 2.9.07, I also have set up Deadwood to disable MX records by default, since they are generally only used by email hubs and “zombie” computers spewing spam.
This release can be downloaded here: