Thursday, September 16, 2010 is a scam

For people looking for work, beware of I got hit by their scam when I was looking for work last week. Based on the various reviews about this company out there about this company, I can safely say that they are a scam.

The scam works like this: has a number of job postings on their web site; once you sign up with them, they quickly send you an email that they have looked at your resume. They then tell you that your resume sucks, and that you should pay them $400 to improve your resume to have a chance in the job market.

They give this form letter to everyone who signs up for one of their postings on their site, giving out a letter like this: “Your resume does not pass the 30-second test, and the content is not up to the standards one would expect from a candidate like you. Countless studies have proven that resume quality is the key determinant as to whether a candidate is selected to be interviewed. Your resume needs a boost from a visual, content, and overall writing standpoint to engage the reader. It needs to make them want to learn more about you. I didn’t find it to be exciting, and it didn’t make me want to run to the phone to call you. In short, your resume is effectively sabotaging your job search.”

It does not matter how well-written one’s resume is. It does not matter if one has the best resume that was ever made. After has their spambot scan your resume, they give you the above scathing criticism. Indeed, according to one anonymous poster, resumes written by’s own resume writers get the above very negative review.

Googling the exact above phrase gives multiple results. Why am I not surprised?