Friday, August 31, 2007

MaraDNS snap; POSIX thoughts

I have released a new snapshot of MaraDNS on the MaraDNS snapshot page today. This is a very minor set of improvements: I have added a couple of shell scripts in the tools/misc directory that make it easier for me to release new versions of MaraDNS. There's nothing here for end-users of MaraDNS.

Starting tomorrow, MaraDNS snapshots will be in this directory.

Looking at the POSIX specification, there's some cruft in there, notably the uucp program. UUCP was a way of transferring files between UNIX computers that was popular in the 1980s and lingered on through the 1990s. It was a way of getting email and USENET on a computer that would only be online for a short period of time. I remember around 1997, when NetCom (my first dot-com job) finally completely canceled UUCP access, since the UUCP programs we had were acting up and no one knew how to fix them.