Tuesday, August 7, 2007

MaraDNS snapshot updated

OK, after neglecting MaraDNS for over a month (I was on vacation and did not have a computer to do MaraDNS work on during the vacation), I have finally released another snapshot of MaraDNS. This is only a very minor change: I have added a readme file to the sqa/regressions directory describing the various regression tests.

The big change is behind the scenes; I have sucessfully moved the MaraDNS development environment to my new Dell laptop runinng Ubuntu. While I will still compile the Windows and CentOS binaries on my older Thinkpad, the majority of the development will now happen on the newer Dell.

I hope to have more significant updates to the 1.3 branch soon.

I also plan on releasing in a week or two; there are a number of 1.3 bugfixes that I have already backported.

- Sam