Monday, August 20, 2007

MaraDNS snapshot update

I uploaded another MaraDNS snapshot today. In this snapshot, there are no major changes (Read: No new bugs found and fixed. Maybe MaraDNS is becoming 100% bug-free). However, I have added a few more SQA tests, and have updated the zoneserver man page and fixed a couple of typos in the tutorial documentation. After making the release, I realized that the example mararc in the zoneserver man page is a little inaccurate. This will have to wait until my next snapshot of MaraDNS.

The snapshot is available on the MaraDNS webpage.

In related news, I am also updating MOAM-CD.

I have managed to squeeze out more unused stuff; I got rid of a lot of kernel modules that won't be used on a basic web terminal, such as bluetooth drivers, non-X video drivers and a number of filesystems like reiserfs. This cleanup saved about five megs of space. I also removed some Cyrillic fonts (This CD is only for English and Western European language speakers).

For some reason, the .jar files (which is just another name for .zip) in Firefox's Chrome folder are really poorly compressed; I used advancedcomp to recompress these files, saving 2.8 megs of space there. I also removed the C development environment, saving about 10 megs of space.

Once compressed, the amount of space saved was, in total, some ten megs. Yes, I now have a usable web browsing system complete with Firefox 1.5 in only about 27 megs. Which gives me a lot more space for other stuff, and even allows the system to fit on one of those square 30 megger business card CDs.

I have also updated the variable-width font, and Firefox is updated to be current with Firefox's security fixes. The two security updates are not critical; the one critical bugfix is caused by Microsoft Windows' broken security model, and doesn't impact Linux.

In addition, I have added the VIA chipset Unichrome driver. X's auto-probe script is smart enough that, as soon as this driver was compiled and placed in /lib/xorg/modules/drivers, it auto-probes for the chipset. I tested things on a computer that I know uses this chipset, and the driver works like a dream.

I should have a release of moam-cd-0.6 later on this week. I need to make the width of the space "character" a little wider at 14 points with the "Sandals" font, and should make the 12-point "A" a little narrower (not as important, and harder to fix; the space fix is a one-character change in the appropriate .bdf file).