Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MaraDNS snapshot update

For people who have been looking at the August 2007 MaraDNS snapshot directory, I quietly uploaded a couple of updates this weekend. Both of these updates were minor typo-fix updates; I would like to thank Joerg Sonnenberger and Brandon Holbrook for their bug reports.

Today, the update is a little more major. I have made a script that runs all of the SQA regressions, as a single script. I have also updated the SQA tests to be easily pass/fail tested, so that the script can figure out if a given test has succeeded. While the script takes a couple of minutes to run, this allows me to easily run the script whenever I want to make sure a given release is ready to make public.

The only other TODO I have for the 1.3 branch before christening it stable is to find and fix the bug that causes improper RR rotation. Also, if anyone who uses pkgsrc wants to contribute some patches to make MaraDNS more pkgsrc-friendly, please do so. The people who whine complain to me about MaraDNS not playing well with pkgsrc strangely become silent when I ask them for patches to actually fix the problem.

I'll probably also make sure the documentation is OK.

I may be able to declare MaraDNS stable on September 21, 2007, if everything continues to go well.

- Sam