Monday, August 13, 2007

New MaraDNS snapshot

I made a lot of progress with MaraDNS yesterday. I have done most of the SQA tests I set out to do. I have found and fixed one bug: csv2_default_zonefile did not work without other zone files in the 1.3 branch of MaraDNS.

I may have found another bug: It looks like there are problems with recurse_delegation in 1.3; I will have to do some 1.3 and 1.2 tests. If there is a problem in 1.2, I will hold off the 1.2 release until I find and fix the bug.

I am also starting to split off the huge MaraDNS.c file; the large udpsuccess() routine now has its own file. This way, the code should be a little easier to manage.

My short term plans for MaraDNS: Later on this week, or possibly early next week, release, which has a number of non-critical bugfixes compared to released three months ago. I also plan on releasing later on this week, possibly even on the same day as

My medium term plans for MaraDNS: I plan on making the 1.3 branch stable on December 21, 2007. There is a long-term bug which has been reported to me twice: Sometimes records which should not rotate are rotated. The problem is probably either in udpsuccess() or udpany(); I will investigate this concern some more and hope to reproduce it. This code affects both 1.0 and apparently 1.2. If all else fails, I will completely rewrite the round robin rotation code for the 1.3.07 stable release of MaraDNS.

My long term plan is to write a stand-alone DNS recursor that will not use threads; there is a need for a truly open source small DNS recursor.

The snapshot can be downloaded here