Friday, September 21, 2007

MaraDNS 1.3.08 and MaraDNS released

OK, I have a tradition of releasing new versions of MaraDNS on solstices. This time, however, I'm releasing a new version of MaraDNS on an equinox. Basically, new code is being contributed to the MaraDNS codebase: Mr. Sarton is improving ipv6 support and I just added NAPTR support. However, these changes can not be integrated in to the Beta-test release of MaraDNS, since the only changes in that branch are bugfixes, new SQA tests, and documentation updates.

So, I have created a new development branch of MaraDNS. This is where new features, such as NAPTR and ipv6 are being added to the code. These features have not been fully tested and I can not guarantee that development releases will even compile. However, they feature new features that some people may want to use.

Today I have branched off MaraDNS 1.3.08 (the development branch) and (the updated beta test release). The files can be downloaded from the MaraDNS download page here.

- Sam