Thursday, September 20, 2007

MaraDNS snap update; MaraDNS and 1.3.08 coming out tomorrow

I have updated the snapshot release of MaraDNS today to include some updates to the FAQ included with the 1.3 branch of MaraDNS. I have also added (completely untested and probably currently not working) support for the NAPTR record, as requested on the MaraDNS mailing list. The update to the FAQ will be included in; the NAPTR code will only be in 1.3.08.

I plan on releasing MaraDNS 1.3.08 and tomorrow.

I have also made a snapshot for the 1.2 branch of MaraDNS, which integrates the update code in this branch, and which fixes a one-byte typo in the FAQ.

The 1.3 snapshot can be downloaded here and the 1.2 snapshot can be downloaded here.

As an aisde, I have removed all unsupported older versions of MaraDNS from the webpage; the only versions of MaraDNS available on the webpage are recent snapshot releases and the three supported releases of MaraDNS:,, and 1.0.41.

- Sam