Thursday, September 13, 2007

New MaraDNS snapshot; help for people trying to install Linux on a 1420

I have updated the MaraDNS snapshot today. This snapshot has a couple of fairly minor changes:
  • There is a new mararc dictionary variable, future that will allow new parameters to be set in future versions of MaraDNS, but still have the mararc file parse in MaraDNS 1.3. For example, let us suppose a future version of MaraDNS sends NOTFY packets when a zone file is updated. Then we can have a mararc variable send_notify_to, and for people who wish to use the same configuration file in MaraDNS 1.3, future["send_notify_to"].
  • I have doubled the default amount of memory allowed to be allocated, since I saw MaraDNS hit the maximum the other morning, when I was on a broken internet connection
It can be downloaded here
For people trying to get their Dell Inspiron to work in Linux, Dell now has an ISO image available for installing Linux on to one of these computers.

- Sam