Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MaraDNS snapshot update

This weekend, I silently uploaded a new snapshot of MaraDNS. Today, I have slightly updated that snapshot. This snapshot has some new code:
  • IPV6 support added to askmara and fetchzone by Jean-Jacques Sarton.
  • maraconf.sh updated
Since this is new code, I will be branching the MaraDNS tree when I release and 1.3.08 this Friday. Basically, is MaraDNS + updated tests + bugfixes + updated documentation; 1.3.08 will be with Sarton's ipv6 code added. This way, people can contribute new features to MaraDNS while I prepare the 1.3.07 stable release of MaraDNS, which I plan on releasing on December 21st.

It can be downloaded here

- Sam