Monday, September 10, 2007

MaraDNS snapshot update; Desert Adventure updated

I have uploaded a new snapshot of MaraDNS today. In this updated snapshot, Jean-Jacques Sarto has added support for, and I have documented, FQDN6 records, records that allow you to set up "reverse" and "forward" DNS support for IPV6 addresses.

I have also changed the formatting of the source files: the .c and .h files no longer have tabs, but use multiple spaces instead. This is something I should have done before releasing 1.2; it makes the source code look consistant across different editors. since this change means that it will be more difficult to use patches for older versions of MaraDNS that use tabs instead of spaces. At least I did it before 1.3.

Finally, I have added a few more SQA tests.

I have also updated my Desert Adventure game. I made one puzzle a little easier and another puzzle a little harder (But help is now available for this harder puzzle). Also, I fixed one bug and revised the compile script to remove more unused whitespace, allowing more adventure to fit in the same amount of space.

In addition, I revised ScottFree to give SavedRoom initial value of 1 and added a z-machine version of Desert Adventure (created with scott2zip, revised by myself, and compiled with an ancient version of Inform) for people who don't feel comfortable compiling ScottFree.

The update is available here (80k zip file).