Sunday, November 4, 2007

Deadwood-1 is now finsihed

In today's snapshot of MaraDNS, all of the features that deadwood-1 is going to have are already implemented. Deadwood-1 is now frozen, and it is time to look at the roadmap for Deadwood again:

Deadwood-1: An IPv6-capable cross-platform TCP and UDP DNS load balancer.

The target for this was the end of October, and it was finished around the beginning of November.

Deadwood-2: A DNS forwarding cache. Target date: Before the end of 2007.

Deadwood-3: A full DNS recursive resolver. Target date: Mid-2008

And, in more detail, my plans for Deadwood-2:

Deadwood-2 will be a forwarding cache. This means that deadwood-2 will look for an answer in the cache, and, if there isn't an answer in the cache, it will contact a recursive DNS server and cache the reply it gets. The cache will have the following features:
  • A custodian that deletes an unused cache entry if the cache is full. (MaraDNS' current cache has this)
  • The ability to get an expired record from the cache if it is not possible to contact any upstream recursive servers.
  • The ability to write the cache to disk, and read the cache from disk.