Thursday, November 8, 2007

Deadwood-1 updated; MaraDNS snapshot update

I have updated Deadwood-1 today to handle a higher load. This is done by having the port range used for binding to a secure local port be user settable, and by having the code that binds to a local port retry up to 10 times should it be unable to bind to a port the first time. I estimate that the Deadwood-1 load balancer can handle up to 24,500 simultaneous pending connections, or 3,500 connections a second at the default timeout of seven seconds (more if the upstream DNS server answers more quickly then seven seconds).

These changes are documented in a HANDLING.HIGH.LOAD document.

I have also made some revisions to the design of the hash in Deadwood-2, and have started writing code to store and retrieve entries from an array based on the hash value of dw_str objects.

- Sam