Thursday, November 1, 2007

Deadwood now works in Windows

I spent about four hours this morning making a one-line fix in the Deadwood code so it would run in Windows. First, I installed and configured BIND in Windows; a non-trivial task since the BIND developers seem to be on a crusade to make BIND as difficult to configure and run as possible. Once I did that, I found out, the hard way, that services on localhost can only bind to the IP, and that binding to other localhost addresses doesn't work.

At this point, I had a working testing setup. I finally was able to debug the code, and found out that the reason TCP wasn't working in Windows is because you have to send() instead of write() on a TCP socket.

Once I fixed the code, I updated the documentation and coding style document to document the macros I use to make the same socket code work both in Windows and *NIX, so other people writing socket code will also write cross-platform socket code.

Anyway, the updated Deadwood source code that works in Windows can be downloaded here.

- Sam