Thursday, November 15, 2007

ObHack update

I have just uploaded a minor update to ObHack, my hack of Oblige. This is a bugfix only release; the bugs fixed are:
  • There was a bug that would sometimes stop megawads of small episodes being created. Fixed.
  • It was possible to have only one exit (either the secret exit or an exit going to the non-secret level) on a small map. Fixed; any map that should has a secret exit will now always have both a normal and secret exit
  • In Heretic, at "Smite-Meister" (Heretic's name for "Ultra-Violence") diffculty, it is sometimes nay to impossible to get through the legion of golems and gargoyles to get at the cross bow. Workaround: There is now, at this difficulty level, always the gauntlets and the Chaos device at the beginning of the level; this makes it easier for the player to rush to the crossbow without unbalancing things too much
  • Random numbers generated tweaked to make completely different maps than yesterday's ObHack release
The Windows binary is here and the source code here