Sunday, August 9, 2009

Deadwood 2.4.05 released

OK, it's here: Deadwood 2.4.05. This release of Deadwood takes advantage of the now-working DNS compression code by implementing both resource record rotation and TTL aging. I've also updated the documents included in the Windows version to reflect the Deadwood changes.

It can be downloaded at

Next: I need to update Deadwood 2.3's SQA regressions to work with the maradns-1.3.14 changes. Then I need to release Deadwood 2.3.05 with these minor changes. Then I should update the MaraDNS docs (things like having the internal copy of the MaraDNS download webpage point to MaraDNS 1.3.14), add a NAPTR test to MaraDNS, etc..

Then I can start thinking about when I should release MaraDNS

And, oh, I should start thinking about making Deadwood fully recursive.