Saturday, August 8, 2009

Deadwood snapshot update

I have updated all of the SQA tests so that they pass with the new version of Deadwood; I uncovered a single bug (one memory leak) and revised the tests to disable RR rotation and TTL aging if it broke the test, changed the program name from "DwMain" to "Deadwood", accounted for the new cache format, etc.

I have also updated the documentation to refer to Deadwood by its new name, "Deadwood", instead of the old "DwMain" name.

My current Deadwood roadmap:
  • Add two SQA regressions; one to make sure RR rotation works (easy), another to make sure TTL aging works (a little more tricky, since I have to write a small Awk script to show the TTL as being within a certain range so the test doesn't fail when the TTL is one second shorter or longer)
  • Revise Valgrind SQA test to trigger both TTL aging and RR rotation (I've done this test by hand and already know this is not an issue, but having the regression is a good idea)
  • Verify that Deadwood passes all tests
  • Release Deadwood 2.4.05
In the meantime, the snapshot can be downloaded here.