Saturday, March 7, 2009

Deadwood is almost ready for a stable release

The first stable release of Deadwood is almost ready! I have finished up all of the SQA tests for Deadwood and everything works. I only found one bug during all of my testing (the issue with hashing); everything works as described and I will declare this stable early next week.

I will not have time to release it this weekend because I'll be doing some personal engagements.

This almost-ready-for-release version of Deadwood can be downloaded the usual place (that's a link, guys)

From the changelog:
  • resurrections test updated to verify behavior changes when resurrections is off compared to being on.
  • hash_magic_number modified again to test in a consistent and automated manner
  • basic_ipv6_test slightly revised and now run as part of do.tests
  • SQA test for handling the case of one upstream DNS server being down; yes Deadwood will still happily process queries (albeit more slowly)
  • SQA test for making sure the name and the ID agree added; passed
  • SQA test to make sure CNAME chains work and we use the lowest TTL; passed
  • dwood2rc parser documentation updated since the parser can actually have up to 51 states.