Monday, March 2, 2009

Deadwood snapshot update: Looks like I found a bug

Well, after doing a whole bunch of SQA testing, it looks like I have finally found a bug.

It looks like Deadwood isn't caching every single element like it should.

I discovered this when making sure maximum_cache_elements does the right thing.

I will investigate this bug and keep readers posted here. People can see the work I have been doing at the usual place

Update: The issue was with the test, not Deadwood; fixed and there will be a fixed Deadwood update tomorrow
I stand corrected.

I mentioned that the Brasero CD/DVD burning program doesn't correctly make records so Windows can see long file names on burned disks. This is incorrect; the bug is actually that there's something strange about Brasero-burned disks that make it so VMware player doesn't always see the long file names on these disks.

I will investigate and report, but this looks like a VMware player bug, not a Brasero bug.