Sunday, March 15, 2009

Roadmap for Deadwood 2.2 and 2.3

Now that Deadwood 2.1 is out, and is declared stable, I am going to start work later on this week on the Deadwood 2.2 code which will eventually become the stable 2.3 branch of Deadwood. Here is my tentative roadmap for Deadwood 2.2:
  • Make DwMain (the UDP client) and DwTcp (the TCP client) a single combined binary.
  • Make Deadwood a bona fide Windows service, with support for proper shutdown (read: Writing the cache to disk when shutting down), startup (not needing a terminal window open to run), etc.
  • Making the code more modular; in other words, making it possible to, for example, compile and run Deadwood without TCP support or without the ability to read and write the cache to a file. This allows people to make Deadwood a smaller binary if they don't want all of Deadwood's features.
Once these three features are implemented and tested, I plan on releasing Deadwood 2.3.