Monday, March 16, 2009

Proposed possible configurations for the next Deadwood release

For testing reasons, and to minimize bugs, I am only going to allow seven different configurations in the next Deadwood release that allow the user of Deadwood to balance features against code side. Here are the configurations I plan on having:
  1. non-cached, no-parser UDP
  2. non-cached, parser UDP
  3. non-cached, parser UDP + TCP (Deadwood 1.0 replacement)
  4. Partial cache (no reading and writing to disk, no resurrections), parser UDP only
  5. Partial cache (no reading and writing to disk, resurrections), parser UDP + TCP
  6. Full cache, parser, UDP only
  7. Full cache, parser, UDP + TCP
This balances the need for Deadwood users to fine-tune the size of the Deadwood binary against the need to limit possible configurations so testing and bug-fixing is possible.