Friday, March 6, 2009

Deadwood snapshot; I've wiped Linux from my hard disk

I have uploaded a new snapshot of Deadwood today; this snapshot has a working test for the resurrections parameter and resurrections appear to be working without problem.

The hash_magic_number has some issues with being automated; I will work on revising the test so we can have this be one of the automated tests; it's stopping all of the automated tests from working.

It looks like Deadwood 2.1.01 will be released next week sometime. In the meantime, snapshots can be downloaded at
Last night, I installed the Alpha-test version Fedora 11. Like Ubuntu, it has a Gnome interface; the only thing different is the artwork and the terminal is hidden under "system tools". The first thing I did was try and install VMware player; it was not possible to install it.

So, this morning I reformatted both my Ubuntu and Fedora 11 partitions and used my Windows XP install disk to wipe GRUB from the bootloader. It's a relief, since things now just work and it's not one bug after another bug. The only Linux I have right now is CentOS 5.2 in a VMware virtual machine for MaraDNS/Deadwood development.

Now, I don't know how many of the bugs were caused by VMware and how many were caused by Linux. My issue is this: The Linux developers need to stop fussing around and make a stable API. Or as another Linux developer put it: Please stop wasting everyone's time with your API changes. Until the Kernel developers can get some discipline and settle down on a stable driver ABI and API, I don't see much point using any version of Linux besides RHEL/CentOS (which is stable but often lacks drivers; thankfully it appears all the drivers for my hardware will be supported whenever CentOS 5.3 comes out).