Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Deadwood snapshot update

As I was working on figuring out why the maximum_cache_elements test was not working, eyeballing the DwHash.c file, I realized that the program that makes a compressed "hash" of a string only used the first four bytes and the length of the string to determine the hash. I have fixed this bug, and will make tests to make sure this code is OK.

I have also fixed the maximum_cache_elements test (it was the test that was configured wrong, not a bug in the Deadwood program), and added a basic man page for DwTcp.

It can be downloaded at the usual place, maradns.org/deadwood.
Well, I found a bug in the Windows version of VMware player that the Linux player doesn't have. It would seem that any attempt to use my webcam in the guest OS when Windows is the host causes VMware to crash (core dump, I have to turn on the guest OS again, etc). The exact same webcam works with the exact same virtual machine when 64-bit Linux is the host.

Go figure. I will see if VMware 2.0 (instead of 2.5) has this issue; probably. Most likely, I will have to just install Skype and the webcam driver in my Windows XP host OS so I can have videochats with my girlfriend, family, and friends on Skype.