Monday, February 26, 2007

Chortle fonts released; MaraDNS updates

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I am very happy with the Charis SIL font except for a couple of annoyances:

  • The vertical line spacing is to high.
  • The font does not look good on the screen.

I have installed the wonderful Fontforge program and have begun work on a font called Chortle, which is a derivitive of Charis SIL that will address the two problems.

Since classic TrueType hinting can not be done without violating an Apple patent, the way I will make this font readable on the screen is by using FontForge's ability to edit both bitmap and vector versions of the sam font. Basically, I will correct, by hand, the bitmap versions of Charis Chortle at a few different pixel sizes. Since this is very labor intensive, I have reduced the number of glyphs in Charis from thousands to about 200. This also has the advantage of reducing the size of the font and making it more suitable for use in embedded systems.

There is quite a bit to do with this font; I still need to tidy up the ascent and descent values and put some space around the bullet. I may also put a dot in the "0" character to make it distinct from "O".

For people who are interested, the Chortle font can be downloaded here:

An update to the MaraDNS roadmap that I just posted to the list:

I have already done all of the changes to the csv2 parsing code to use tilde as record separators while being compatible with MaraDNS 1.2 csv2 zone files. I have also already added the bind_port and upstream_port variables, have made it possible to customize the nameserver used to recursively resolve a given subdomain, but have not rewritten udpany() yet.

I haven't touched the Python script to convert BIND zone files in to MaraDNS 1.3 zone files since 2006. My next MaraDNS project is to finish this script.

I have also made the final changes to the memory allocation so that Valgrind will always report that MaraDNS is not leaking memory. I am doing some stress testing right now, as I am typing this, to make sure MaraDNS' memory allocation is airtight.

I have found and fixed the problem with MaraDNS 20070219 crashing. Right now, as I am typing this, I am stress testing the MaraDNS 20070226 snapshot to make sure it is airtight.

I have just answered all support mail people have sent me the last few days. I will probably take a few days to answer mail that comes in.

- Sam