Friday, February 23, 2007

Support update; another minor bug

I have answered all of the support email sent to me earlier this week. There are two emails sent more recently that I have not had time to address yet.

One person pointed out that a different format for MaraDNS 1.3 zone files that don't use a tilde between records would be more aestically pleasaing. I agree. However, I also have to consider MaraDNS 1.2 zone file compatibility and ease of zone file parsing by UNIX scripts. It's water under the bridge at this point; the new tilde separated parsing code is completed and I'm moving on to improving the memory allocation so Valgrind never complains.

When testing things for the second support concern, I found a bug in the CSV2 parsing of zone files.If a zone name ends in a percent, the RR has to be explicitly stated for A records. In other words, this is incorrectly a syntax error:


Note that this does work:

As does this:

www.% A

The workaround is to make sure all records ending with a percent have an explicit rr type.

- Sam