Friday, February 16, 2007

Cool fonts

Here are some cool freely downloadable fonts:

  • Charis SIL. This is an update to the excellent Bitsream Charter font by Matthew Carter, who later on made Verdana and other WebFonts for Microsoft. The original free Bitstream Charter was never translated in to TTF; this is a TTF translation that includes many more charaters, mainly characters of interest for linguists. The license is a very liberal Open Font license. The font's only problems are that it puts a lot of space between lines (this can be worked around by setting up formatting to force lines to be 12 points apart when using writing with 12 point text), and that it looks unattractive on the screen when writing documents with it (it looks fine on the screen once the document is made a pdf file). I use this font for all of my English lessons.
  • Delicious and three others (look at the toolbar on the left)
  • Smeltery has a few free fonts (Same license as the Delicious font)
  • Lido STF
  • Day roman The BabelFish translation of its license is "The fonts on this site acres freeware and CAN used as they acres in any context without by mission from Apostrophic Laboratories, except ton produce material that is racist, criminal and/or illegaly into nature. It is prohibited tons modify any Apostrophic Laboratories font(s) for repackaging and/or the RH releases without at express written authorization by the designer (s) of OF the font(s) or Apostrophic Laboratories. Under NO circumstance shall any Apostrophic Laboratories Design or font Design pay or purchased."

There are many other fonts listed in other blogs, such as here, here, and here.