Monday, February 19, 2007

MaraDNS snapshots updated

First of all, I have added MaraDNS to the MaraDNS Sourceforge page.

Second of all, Daniel has already contributed a Slackware package of MaraDNS Slackware users are encouraged to upgrage as soon as possible.

Finally, I have uploaded some new snapshots of MaraDNS today:

  • I have backported the connect()/send()/recv() changes to the recursive code in the the 1.0 branch. I will release MaraDNS 1.0.40 in a few days. This snapshot can be found here
  • I have updated the FAQ and other documentation in the stable branch of MaraDNS. This snapshot can be found here
  • I am working on improving the memory allocation with MaraDNS 1.3. The 20070219 snapshot should not be used unless you are willing to assist me with these changes. If you want to download a usable development snapshot, download the 20070216 snapshot instead.