Tuesday, February 13, 2007

OK, I'm caught up with MaraDNS support email

I have finally answered all of the MaraDNS support email I got in the last few days. Like I said before, it sometimes takes me up to a week to answer email. If you sent a support email before today and it isn't answered, please resend it.

There are a couple of bugs that people reported in support emails:
  • Zone files sometimes act funny if the last character is not a newline. This is something where I will have to go through the RR parsing code for each record type and make sure they can end with either a newline/space or with a EOF.
  • There is a reported memory leak. The reporter was even kind enough to tell me where the memory that causes the leak is allocated. I have already downloaded and installed valgrind. I will look in to this leak in the next day or two.
One support email asked about BIND zone file support. We're very close to getting support; the CSV2 parse code has already been revised to make it easier for me to finish my python script, and to have CSV2 zone files, as much as possible, have the same formatting as the converted BIND zone file. Now I just have to finish up the parsing script. Then the testing will begin.

One thing I am very seriously considering doing is starting to sell commerical level support for MaraDNS. There are some things I want to finish up with MaraDNS first however: The BIND zone support, and the rewrite of the recursive resolver.

Another support email asked for help with making a distribution-specific package for MaraDNS. Quite frankly, this goes beyond the boundaries of support I offer for MaraDNS. I offer both a CentOS/RHEL distribution-specific package of MaraDNS, and a Windows 32 native binary (which is a partial port). Kai makes a Debian/Ubuntu package, Alex makes a FreeBSD port, and Daniel makes a Slackware package. If you run anything else, I can't really help you because I only run Win32, CentOS 3, and Ubuntu 6.06.

That said, I am willing to make a package for your distribution if you're willing to pay me to do it. :-) If MaraDNS doesn't compile on whatever modern *nix you're trying to run MaraDNS on, if you give me a remote account for the *nix in question, I will make the necessary changes so that MaraDNS will compile.

- Sam